Atlanta Gamers: Scales of War

Unchained Melody: Part I

Date: Location: Charlie Mopps Guest DM: Jarrod

So… last we left our little group.

You were establishing a guarded encampment for an extended rest amongst the smashed bodies strewn across the torture chamber. The hobgoblin torturer lies with neck elongated and at an odd angle still with that ghastly grin and open eyes facing the south entrance. His belt gone, he no longer looks so invincible. His hot poker, now only a bent bar of iron, black and wretched.

Blood coalesces on the floor beneath a dangling arm of one of the hobgoblin archers lying atop the ledge. The mad dwarf lies broken on the floor amongst the manacles that once held the powerful arms of the bugbear strangler. From the marks along the dwarf’s arms and torso, it is likely that they also once held him as well. Oddly, tears still seem to seep from the broken dwarf’s eyes as he lies quietly in death… desecrated and forlorn.

What looked to be your own mortal wounds, so gloriously earned in contested battle, now seem less pungent after your rest. Though, no doubt, Krunchy will bear the scars of the longbowmen’s wrath upon his right shoulder for as long as he lives… Alek as well will be marked, and so will bear the scars of the burns seared into his left leg from the torturers fiery implement. Should the group survive to find Krosak, each will be marked in their own way by what they have seen and wrought amongst these wretched caverns…

You recall that there are two apparent exits from this foul chamber. Atop the ledge there appears to be an excavated tunnel extending out of your vision. From that direction can faintly be heard mewling, sobbing sounds. Alek, you sense great suffering from that direction as well as a perverse evil.

The other visible exit, the one that Alek chased the hobgoblin warrior down, your newly found dwarven compatriot, the one from the dirty pen, notices the faint dust of an ongoing mining operation lingering in the air. While still far, distant down the tunnel, the tree sap still seeping from the support structure bracing the 5×4 tunnel also project what seems to be a recent dig. This tunnel can be seen from your encampment to trail off into the distance….



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