Atlanta Gamers: Scales of War


Date: Location: Computer Arena

Met companions at the Antler & Thistle inn while on a bender. Village of Brindol was attacked. We were given the option to pursue the perpetrators to retrieve the hostages as well as find the stolen town artifacts…

Additional dialogue from sidebar conversations:

@Tugalous from Krosak: What the hell were you doing in Brindol, anyways…? You said something of a university? I do enjoy reading, just haven’t had much time, what with all the taverns still serving me on credit… Seriously though, I might enjoy joining you there someday.

@Krosak from Tugalous: (Tuckolas closes the book he was reading and places it next to his untouched ale. He looks at krosak with sad eyes)

I originally came to Brindol to visit the University of Ioun. My Master, Rodraig the Raven, was a teacher here many years ago. I came here to see if I could find any clues on his disappearance. I was studying in the rose garden outside his tower when my ears felt, more than heard a loud popping sound. My skin burned slightly from the magic in the air. I ran toward the sound and came upon a swirling black mass. The frightened look on my master’s face scared me more than the three demons attacking him. He saw me, spoke words I failed to hear, and ran directly into the swirling mass and disappeared. The demons ignored me and chased after him into the portal which immediately closed. I stayed alone at the tower for a month, worried that the foul demons would return. I waited and prayed he would return instead. I searched through his things and discovered that he once was a teacher here in Brindol. I came here looking for clues, having nothing else to do. I’ve found nothing and I have gone through the meager amounts of my master’s gold I found hidden at the tower. I’m now with you guys looking for jobs to earn enough to keep searching.

(Tuckolas takes a breath. His hand grabs the ale and finally takes his first sip. A smile lights up his face)

I have enjoyed visiting the University. I’m a follower of Ioun, as was my father and his father before him. Her teachings, along with Master Rodraig, have intensified my need to seek out lost and ancient lore. Too much arcane knowledge has been lost. We must preserve what we can. The Library at the university has an amazing collection. I’ll be happy to show you around when we find some time Krosak. That goes for the rest of you too.

(Tuckolas downs the rest of his ale and motions to the bartender for another)

Krosak, didn’t you say you had family here? Did you grow up here or nearby?

@Tugalous from Krosak: Tuckolas

Yeah, my family has a small hold just outside Iskun. It’s about 6 days hike northwest from Marthron which lies east of Brindol. I love that place, but the trouble! Gods, gorgeous women and mead will kill me yet. (double swig from flask, then passes around to companions). Worse trouble than a boatload of randy gobl… er.. pirates. Anyways, I’m not headed back there anytime soon. Someday, when I just figure out what the hell I want to do. I’ll control it all someday, but who wants to deal with all that when there’s ale to swill, hobgoblin swine to pummel, and maids to pinch, eh! (elbows Cog in the side jovially, then rolls eyes conspiratorially with Tuckalos).

As far as my family goes, I am Krosak son of Kara’tur son of Kartor (of the Diamond League) son of Maradun son of Marsak the Gryphon! Kartor was a renowned member of the League and helped to crush the Red Hand the last time they thought to poke their nose where it didn’t belong. (expression turns self-reflective) I don’t know about that nonsense back in Brindol. Sounds like our new boss had a few bones to pick with my grandfather…. Must of came out on the wrong side of a dice game, eh!! Maybe old Kartor stole his bride to be! Or, his daughter, that old fart! Hahah!

Yes, let’s get ourselves to the university when we have a chance. Maybe even some of the old books the Gryphon collected may help? Who knows what’s buried under all that dust back home. Ah the Gryphon… now there’s a Real hero. That’s where my coat of arms comes from (attached), the Oooolllld Gryphon (shakes his head, wistfully). Did I ever tell you about the time he raised an army with 50 silver pence?? Well, back in the year of the Salty Rat…..

@Krunchy from Krosak: What about you? Not exactly town-sentry material, eh?

@Krosak from Krunchy: I was in brindol looking for work. I’m not an unfamiliar face around the town, my master was a druid who often visited the town to purhase materials for his work. His work being myself. I am tolerated within the city, but only one tavern will serve me, and most of the shop keepers, while more then willing to except my coin are quick to let me know just how “welcome” I am in there shop.

@Krunchy from Krosak: And we burned the damn thing near to the ground…! Gods! (looking up in the sky smiling) We may need to check old Erik’s place off the list as well, haha…! Anyways, you’re an ok sort, and you saved our sorry hides quite a few times with that double shot of yours. Blasted, dirty gnomes… (grumbles) Well done, friend. Well done! And, I won’t forget you spending your “hard earned” gold to bring me back. (with raised eyebrow). I can look past the means to the end, especially when I’m dead on Cog’s back for near a day. (With a pensive look) Dark place I went, I can assure you, and lasting memories of needle-drake bites is not something you want to ponder swirling through those mists…. I need to think on what I saw while I waited. Need to come to grips with what it means….. (staring darkly at the walls) Ah, hells. Who knows…?

@Krunchy from Krosak: Two weeks in Brindol, and all you got was dried pig and beans??? Hells man! Spices! Spices! and garlic make the world turn, man!

@Alec from Krosak: You find any use for that Lich’s nutsack, yet??

@Cog from Krosak: You aren’t as dumb as you look, right?? (readies double-move, haha)

@Krosak from Cog:

Very funny Krosak. I suppose my headstrong approach to battle may give off the impression of a simple mind, but I assure you my actions are well calculated. Remember, it was not I that died in our previous engagements. ::goes back to cleaning his shield::

Cog from Krosak: Cog

(mthr fker grmble,grmble..) (chuckles) I know, friend, I know. Your guts clink, but I know what goes on in your mind. (points finger to Cog’s head). Just remember that our souls meet on an empty field, all we can do is choose which side of that field we stand on. Search for those marionette strings long enough, and you’ll find that “you” held them all along. You listen to me. I will help you find what you seek.



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