Atlanta Gamers: Scales of War

For Testing

We need one of what's in there for testing, cause like, Sarshan said, and stuff...

Our last episode left our adventurers outside of Overlook with only 2 leads to follow within the city: The Pig & Bucket, and the Happy Beggar. With the “Happy Beggar” being the more sinister of the leads, they headed there first. The Happy Beggar turned out to be some form of a half-way house. A Pelor Paladin and his wife run the establishment, but didn’t really have any more information on Modra. That didn’t mean things weren’t going down though. With no real leads from within the Happy Beggar, our adventurers went back outside and decided to hang around for a moment and see if anything out of the ordinary happens.

It doesn’t take long before a humanoid shadow moves into the Happy Beggar and goes downstairs to the room below. Our adventurers quickly went back in and informed the owners of the situation. As suspected the owners were oblivious to the dark happenings below their establishment, they gave the adventurers permission to head below and investigate.

After heading below they find a secret passage leading further down. As soon as they entered the passage they were assaulted by three large bats. After the bats were dispatched the party moved on, eventually making their way to a room with a large teleportation portal in the middle of it. They kicked off the battle with a strong start, quickly moving into positions and giving their foes many wounds, but that time was short lived. Their foes were powerful, and once the opposing caster appeared it seemed like they might actually lose this battle. They held on though, eventually defeating the enemies and retreating to heal and rest for a bit.

Waking up well rested and fully restored, the party pressed further into the dungeon. They discovered a white marble room with a large portal in the center of it, surrounded by runes, and another teleportation portal to the side. Being the cautious adventurers that they are, they tested all the portals in both rooms and then eventually went into the one in the earlier room, it wasn’t clear as to where it was, but it was a warehouse with weapons and bottles of “whisky” which did not smell like whisky. Thinking that only bad can come of this stuff the party took a couple of bottles and went back through the portal, except for Tuckolas. Tuckolas stayed behind to set the whole room on fire, the blast generated from the “whisky” bottle launched him back through the portal. Once they were all on the other side, Vinoran destroyed the portal. A quick investigation into the other teleportation portal revealed it only had weapons, but it was the basement of the Pig and Bucket. With no desire to destroy a tavern (you never know when you need one), Vinoran just destroyed the portal.

Left with no more options, the group entered the main portal, after some testing they all made it through and kept their key. On the other side they felt gloom, then saw a black marble room with a ceiling made of diamonds that more or less mirrored the white room they just left. They exited through the only door in the room, and walked out into a much different looking outdoors. The Shadowfell.

In the distance was some sort of encampment, near there was a massive tower, and not much further was some sort of foundry with smoke billowing out. With no fear the adventurers moved towards the encampment. “What’re you doing here? You should be at the mercenary camp,” speaks a Shadar-kai behind them. With their cover conveniently made for them, the party moves towards the camp.

Demitrius starts lightly asking those around us about the tower and Modra. He learns that the tower is owned by Sarshan, and Modra is laughed at on this side. He apparently botched a big plan on our side and was shamed for it. With this new knowledge of the area and of their main foe, the adventurers decide to try to bluff their way into the tower. They cross the only bridge leading to it and are then blocked by eight Shadar-kai, who question their motives. Demitrius tries to convince them that we have business with Sarshan but they don’t buy it. One of the Shadar-kai then proposes they complete a challenge in the training area to earn his respect. With no other options the adventurers accept the challenge and leave.

With plenty of time to kill before the challenge, the adventurers head to the foundry area to look around. Once again they are blocked by more guards. This time Demitrius tries to convince them that we are to test one of the subjects. With no real knowledge of what is being made in the foundry, and no details at all really, Demitrius fails his bluff. The guard laughs at him and eventually loses his calm and headbutts Demitrius. Just then a large tremor happens near the party, and the ground opens up. The guards seem unfazed by the giant bats and lava beast that emerge from the crater. With no provocation the beasts attack the adventurers, who quickly retaliate. Alek and Tuckolas were the first to get hit, both of which caught fire from the bats attacks. Vinoran helped dispatch one bat while Demitrius maintained the lava beasts attention. Luckily Kord was on their side as they quickly disposed of the opponents. The nearby guards even applauded a bit.

Not long after their victory a female Shadar-kai approached the adventurers, saying that she is working closely with Sarshan, and that she had heard of our inquiries about Modra. She would like us to kill Modra before Sarshan can get to him, knowing that he will torture Modra for the rest of his days. We accept the task as the female tells us how to quietly get into the foundry, where Modra will attack later that evening.

With night time still a while away, the adventurers go to the training area to complete their challenge. They see a large pit with two ogres fighting in it, people are beginning to gather as news of our heroes recent victory has already spread. The Shadar-kai urge them into the pit to begin the challenge. Once in the pit the two ogres leave, and one of the Shadar-kai blows a whistle, upon doing so two ogre skirmishers, two umbral savages, one of which is maintaining a large beetle. The battle kicks off with both skirmishers attacking and missing the adventurers. What continues is more or less a blood bath. Our adventurers pull off some incredibly great attacks that hit more than one of their mammoth opponents. They make short work of them all, soon the crowd starts booing and begins to dissipate. When Demitrius kills the final skirmisher they leave the pit and look for the Shadar-kai that challenged them, but they are long gone.

With nothing else to do except prepare for their ambush on Modra, the party makes their way back to the foundry. They enter through the broken wall that the female Shadar-kai alerted them to, but it seems there are foot prints in the ground around it. They weren’t the only ones aware of that entrance. Walking through the wall puts the group in a large pipe, they continue down and see two groups of shadowy goblin size creatures sabotaging the foundry. With the intent of killing Modra, AND destroying the foundry, the party waits and watches.



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