Atlanta Gamers: Scales of War

Overlooking Paranoia

It's not paranoia when they're really after you

With the Vents sealed, and the confirmation of the previous party’s death, we depart for Brindol to tell the Freeriders that their scout team is no more. Upon arrival we discover that our main contact with the Freeriders, Megan Swiftblade, has been killed. Alek takes a moment to delve into the shadier dealings of Brindol in order to discover some unsettling information. He is told that Megan’s death was most likely caused by a group known as the Lost Ones. With not much left to learn from the streets, we decided to see what we can learn about the Lost Ones from the Antler and Thistle.

On our way to the tavern, we hear an unknown voice say “it’s a nice night isn’t it?” And with that we were attacked from almost every side. Unprepared for the ambush, the party completely divided and out matched, the Lost Ones gained the upper hand. Alek and Argon fight hard but are eventually knocked unconscious. Tuckolas casts many damaging spells hitting several of the attackers and leaving entire areas scorched, but in the process he becomes beaten down and is severely wounded. The Lost Ones take this opportunity to capture him and demand that we relinquish the key we had found in the Vents. Vinoran and Tuckolas try to act like there is no key for a while, but with seemingly no other options, Tuckolas gives them the key. With no more reason to stay, the Lost Ones retreat. As the opposing wizard crosses Vinoran’s path, Vinoran takes the opportunity to destroy him. Vinoran is determined to make the Lost Ones pay and bring his friends back to health, but blind determination can only accomplish so much against bad odds. He makes his way to Tuckolas, who through all of the commotion has also been incapacitated. Vinoran stands alone against the remaining attackers for mere moments before he too is dispatched by the Wizard’s Apprentice.

We awaken as the Freeriders, and a half-elf of which we have not seen before, bring us back to good health, surely a gift from the gods that they heard our calls during battle. As we quickly heal up, we search the bodies of the fallen Lost Ones. Each carries a detailed letter describing the key and us. Clearly this was not a random attack. Argon uses Helor to try and track where our attackers fled, but there’s is just not enough of a trail.

With night falling fast the party continues to the town hall to tell of the happenings in the Vents. There we learn that by sealing the Vents, we have spared Brindol from further attacks. We are once again heroes in Brindol, but the cost has been great. We are still injured and our trust in the Freeriders is waning. As we make our exit, the Freeriders ask “what will you do?” Vinoran smiles and says “tomorrow, the Lost Ones are found.”

On our way to the inn, the half-elf that helped heal us tells of her sister’s involvement in the first party sent to the Vents. We know she did not survive. With some certainty that the Lost Ones are launching out of Overlook, we tell Reniss of our intentions to hunt down the Lost Ones. Reniss gives us a little more insight in the key and how it will be used. It seems it is necessary to complete some sort of magical transportation device. With vengeance on our minds, and a lot of unanswered questions, we do our best to get some rest. Sleeping in shifts before departing for Overlook.

In the morning Alek talks to the shadiest person in Brindol, who says he knows nothing, but is clearly lying. With a little more “encouragement” he tells us of a shop in Overlook, the “Pig and Bucket.” The owner will lead us to the Lost Ones. With nothing left to gain in Brindol, we make our departure.

Time is lost on our adventurers, with the closest thing to blood lust the party has ever felt, time just disappears as the party catches up with the attacking Lost Ones group in what feels like mere moments. Helor relays to Argon the group’s location and we prepare for our surprise attack. Upon closer inspection we see not only the man who took the key from us, but a sort of shadowy figure, clearly an agent of who is truly behind the Lost Ones recent attacks.

With no time to spare, Vinoran and Alek move to establish the front line. Tuckolas says “nice morning!” as he fires off the first blast, a crippling fire attack that sends five of the Lost Ones to the ground, screaming in pain from their horrible burns. The battle is extremely one sided, but this time it isn’t the Lost Ones who have the upper hand. We quickly and methodically destroy all but one of our attackers.

Seeing an opportunity to gain some information, Alek seizes the remaining berzerker and Tuckolas punches him square in the face. He is scared but he speaks of Modra, an arms dealer that hired the Lost Ones. Alek knows there is more and conveys that to the others. Vinoran yells at the berzerker “Spill everything or we’ll spill your entrails across your friends.” Clearly needing more reason to fear us, Tuckolas bites off one of the berzerker’s fingers. The berzerker tells us Modra maintains a shop called the “Happy Beggar.” Tuckolas, blood dripping from his previous snack, attempts to go in for seconds, but the meat is just too rough. Vinoran is tired of the berzerkers breath and puts him out of his misery. The Lost Ones don’t fear us, they may not even really know us, but after a bit of discussion we string up and cut open the bodies of our attackers. They will fear us, and they will never forget us.

Reniss is a little put off by our violence, and rightly so. She met us at a very weird time in our lives. We’ve been through a lot in a short amount of time, and after a while the lines begin to blur. We have to get to Overlook and find out who is behind the Lost Ones, who is using this arcane transportation device, and for what means? Who is leaking information? This isn’t the first time that we have suspected the Freeriders of betraying us. Can we even trust Reniss? Overlook has answers, and we’re going to find them.



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